Find real car consumption for a car

Recently, I founded a new online application that you can find that real consumption of a car, from owners that own the car. This application is a database with all cars available until now. This app calculates your car’s gas mileage and helps to manage the vehicle’s costs. After a free registration, you will be able to use all functions, […]

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Import photos from DSLR to your iPhone or iPad via iOS 9.2 Update

Apple just launched the latest version of iOS, version 9.2. This update brings some bug fixes and a new great feature for photographers.  Now, photographers can import directly on any apple device photos using a dedicated Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. This new feature is great for all photo travellers because can manipulate photos using only their iPhone or iPad, […]

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Receive an instant translation taken photos with your phone

Good news for us, now Google Translate can translate all words from an image using your smartphone camera. To do this you need to have installed the Google Translate application from Play Store and Apple Store to have an internet connection. Now it is simple to read unknown words from a restaurant menu, or traffic indicators or other else documents […]

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