How to edit photos on your smartphone – 5 demo videos

Today, almost all of us, we use our smartphones to take pictures every day. But not every time we have the right condition to take a nice picture, and in this moment we can use different apps to edit pictures and one of these application is Snapseed.

If you are a pro photographer or a beginner, Snapseed is very easy to learn and use. It’s available for download on Android and iOS.

1. Cloudy landscape – increase the vibrancy and adjust the colors

2. Editing RAW pictures

If you don’t know what is RAW, is a image format where you have a lot more information than a normal picture. This information is giving you the option to edit after the picture much more easier than a normal .jpg picture. Is like you have 100 pictures in one and you take the best for each one to compose the final image.

3. Fix horizon line

If you don’t have a picture with straight horizon line, you can use this app to rotate the image to fix this problem.

4. Fix aspect ratio of an image

5. Simple cat portrait editing