How to share laptop image to an Android TV


Today I will present you a easy way to share your desktop image to an Android TV using Google Chrome Browser and one TV with Android, in my case the link was made with Dell Latitude 5590 and Sony Bravia KD-43X8309C.

To make a link between this two devices you must know an important thing. The network where these two devices are connected must be the same (same class IP). If you have the TV connected to and wireless router the laptop must be connected also, because these devices tries to find compatible devices in the same network.

The link is very easy to create. Just press the ? the top right side of your Google Chrome app, and go to “Cast…“. After you click on this button your laptop must find the TV as in the below screenshot. Just press on the TV name and the link is ready to be used.

If you have any questions ask them on the below commentary section.