Top 5 best mobile cameras according to DxOMark

Today I want to present to you a small top of best mobile cameras according to the In this top, we have 2 Google Smartphones, 2 Apple iPhone and 1 Samsung phone.

1. Google Pixel 2 – 98 points
2. Apple iPhone 8 Plus – 94 points
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – 94 points
4. Apple iPhone 8 – 92 points
5. Google Pixel – 90 points

The latest campion here is the new Pixel 2, which is the first smartphone that hits the 98 points.

We have also, a top for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, where here we have a DSLR with 100 points, the new Nikon D850. For more information read more info here.

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