Find real car consumption for a car

Recently, I founded a new online application that you can find that real consumption of a car, from owners that own the car. This application is a database with all cars available until now.

This app calculates your car’s gas mileage and helps to manage the vehicle’s costs. After a free registration, you will be able to use all functions, e.g. include an icon in bulletin boards, analyse costs or enter fuelings with your smartphone.

The name of this site is and it is very popular. Until now (03.07.2016), this site have 7.627 new fuel ups in the last 24 hours, and 254.678 new fuel ups in the last month. have an mobile application for each platform, Google Play, Apple Store and Microsoft Store.

About interface of

We have a simple an intuitive design of this app. The app have three principal pages to find what you want. The car finder page, result car page, and car details page.

Search a car


Result cars page


Car details

car-details in statistics (03.07.2016)

  • 542.403 vehicles
  • 376.758 users
  • 20.239.174 fuel ups
  • 9.987.736.676 km
  • 754.923.538 l of gas