How to move WhatsApp folder from internal memory to SD Card

Many friends ask me how they can change the storage of WhatsApp application from internal storage to SD card memory.

I tested on 3 Huawei devices, on Huawei P9 Lite, Mate 10 Lite and Mate 20 lite, all in the same way. So, to do that you need to use the file manger that comes installed on these devices called (Files). Below, I will show you all steps to do that, but before that you must make an backup for all WhatsApp files using a cloud account or make a copy of Whatsapp folder on a PC device.

Transfer WhatsApp media from Internal Storage to SD Card

Steps to move WhatsApp media to SD card

  1. Open Files app.
  2. Navigate to internal storage and find the WhatsApp folder.
  3. Press and hold the finger on WhatsApp folder until the checkbox is checked.
  4. Press Move on the icon from the bottom of the screen and navigate back to the SD card (Memory Card) and press Move.
  5. Wait to finish the process of copying the files to the memory card.
  6. After that, all images, videos and documents it will be saved on the SD card.

Also you can see below, a video example of this procedure.

Video – transfer WhatsApp media to SD card

Video demo

NOTE: This steps works on the Huawei devices. For other devices I’m not sure if this procedure is working.