Presenting iOS 4.2 running on iPad (video)

iPad iOS 4.2As we promised you yesterday, we managed to obtain a video with the new iOS 4.2 beta running on iPad.

The major improvements of iOS 4.2 are multitasking in the first place, AirPlay, folder organization, Game Center,  universal inbox in Mail and the ability to print from your iPad via AirPrint.

So let’s make a little presentation of these features before the actual video.

About multitasking it seems that the apps which works on the multitasking iOS 4 for iPhone are working great on iPad too. The Game Center is also included and looks good, but don’t expect a lot of differences.

Both of the AirPlay and AirPrint are working fine but only if you have the right configuration, which means you need to have  a printer with 10.6.5 running on your system if you want the AirPrint to work. And the last but not the least, the folders. With iOS 4.2 you can get organized and add more than 12 items in a folder.

Now, enough talking and let’s watch the video you’ve expected with iOS 4.2 beta on iPad

[Via Engadget]

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