Software update for Samsung Galaxy Note II – Android 4.3 – Verizon operator


galaxy-note-II-verizonGalaxy Note II for Verizon carrier receives Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. The best new features of this update includes better image quality of images shooted by back and front camera, and also support for Gear smartwatch.

Improvements of Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II

  • Extend battery life when using Exchange mail,
  • Callback number will display properly in received text messages,
  • Viewdini application has been removed (previously downloaded app will not be lost),
  • Apps can be moved to SD Card (requires to enable the app developer to support this option),
  • Voicemail notifications,
  • Google Maps,
  • Wi-Fi performance.

Upgrades of Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II

  • Pen UP has been upgraded to Note 3 version,
  • Multi Windows has been updated to the Note 3 version (including more apps in the Multi Window tray),
  • Sound and Shot has been improved on the Camera,
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready Low Energy feature has been enhanced,
  • Roaming on the TELUS Network in Canada is now possible.

Features and applications included by Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II

  • VMware (with Dual Persona and Device Security),
  • Amazon Appstore (updated to latest version),
  • Amazon Widget (updated to latest version).

If you want support to update your device to Androi 4.3 Jelly Bean, you can use the Samsung Upgrade Assistant.