Software update for HTC One – Android 4.3 available on Telus, Rogers and Bell Canada

Good news for all Canadian users of HTC One Smartphone. The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is now rolling out in your country. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for HTC (software version 1.10.605.10) key device enhancements: Device lock-ups have been reduced Internet accessibility for the visually impaired is now supported Update to ISIS Mobile Wallet For more information about this update visit: […]

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Gmail app for iPad mini crashes in iOS 7 – problem solve

If you have an iPad mini most probable you have this problem with your device. You try to open the app, and after a couple of seconds the app dropped back to the iPad main screen. The solution is simple, to eliminate this problem… just reinstall the application. Other users recommend deleting your Gmail account, restarting your device, and then […]

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Software update for Motorola Moto X – better photo quality


Today, the T-Mobile Moto X smartphone has received a new OS update that should improve the image quality of photos. If you make few photos after the update, you can see a batter contrast, more realistic colors of photos. Also, the noise reduction has been enhanced. The changelog also mentions increased accuracy of Touchless Control and fixes dealing with choppy […]

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Software update for Galaxy Nexus 7 2013 WiFi edition – JSS15R


Latest rumors show that a small percent of Galaxy Nexus 2 users have received a new update for their tablet. This update is named JSS15R and it`s available only for Wi-Fi tablet according to our source, Android Police. The size of update, only 8 MB, shows us that it’s a minor update to fix some bugs or errors. About LTE […]

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Software update for HTC One – Android 4.2.2 now available world wide

Good news for all HTC Owners, the Android 4.2.2 for your device is now seeding globally. The Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One brings more improvements and fixes: Slick right side notification quick control area with many new controls too Improved Zoe image management Six new Highlight Video themes. Check out the Android Central post for all of them. Removal […]

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Software update for Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and 620 – 1232.5957.1308.00xx

Nokia has prepared new software for its smartphones with Windows Phone Lumia 920,Lumia 820 and Lumia 620. There are no major releases, but repair of bugs and performance improvements are always welcome. 1232.5957.1308.00xx software version was created for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. This improves how the screen brightness automatically adapts to the environment and fix a bug that makes the screen […]

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iOS 5.1.1 update comes with some good bug fixes

Today, Apple was released a new version of iOS 5, the update 5.1.1. This update contains improvements and bug fixes. Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut Addresses bugs that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and 3G networks Fixes bugs that affected AirPlay video playback in some circumstances Improved […]

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6.3 update for Amazon Kindle Fire now available to install

Amazon just released a new update for Kindle Fire tablet. The 6.3 update brings more stability, new features and improvments. Users can now share passages from a book using a new “share” option. Book Extras let you character descriptions, glossary terms, and other data without leaving a book. Whispersync will now work with Personal Documents, letting you sync your last […]

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