Gmail app for iPad mini crashes in iOS 7 – problem solve

If you have an iPad mini most probable you have this problem with your device. You try to open the app, and after a couple of seconds the app dropped back to the iPad main screen. The solution is simple, to eliminate this problem… just reinstall the application. Other users recommend deleting your Gmail account, restarting your device, and then […]

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Apple is testing a new iPhone 6.1 and the next version of iOS 7


Apple has begun testing a new iPhone and the next version of the operating system, iOS 7, writes AFP. Application developers have found in databases applications using references to an identifier for a new iPhone, iPhone 6.1, which runs iOS operating system 7, according portal. iPhone 5 have IDs iPhone 5.1 and iPhone OS 5.2 and running iOS 6, the […]

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