Siri on iPhone 4S can increase your phone bill

A study on new smartphones iPhone 4S from Apple, shows that because of the personal assistant Siri, users consume two times more data than those who simply iPhone 4.

The study analyzed the behavior of smartphone users in Europe. Thus, Siri has been accused of loading invoice users because it is the only major difference from the previous model, and other elements could not have this effect, says the British press.

Basically, every time the user asks something Siri, the phone connects to the Internet and uses data from there. At the end, users do not realize this can be loaded up with bills and cut connection. At that time, even Siri will not have an answer for them.

If the situation looks pretty ugly in the United States it is even more dramatic because there Siri is working at full capacity. On the European continent, the personal assistant can not use the map or search function to find some bars and nearby business, while they work in The United States, consuming more of the supply of data that have smartphone users.

There is an explanation offered by those from Arieso, the study authors. Users extreme, those who consume a staggering amount of data, representing 1% of those iPhone 4S. However, it consumes 50% of the total number of gigabytes registered at the end.

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