iPhone 4 comes with big problems: signal, screen and the back case

iPhone 4 problemsIt appears that the new iPhone 4 comes with a lot of problems. The customers had allready discovered a few of them, so let’s discuss and see what went wrong.

A big complain to emerge it’s about the phone signal. It seems that the signal drops immediately from 5 bars directly to one bar, everytime the phone is gript by metal antenna band or when you touch the left side connecting both antennas.

The problem involves finger-contact on some parts of the metal band, but when it’s hold in the right hand the signal remains the same probably (because the fingers are put in different positions).

I don’t know about you, but for me this is a big failure, because it’s affecting the principal purpose of a phone, the call. If the signal drops out when you need it, it just doesn’t matter that is a Iphone. This problem better be fixed as soon as possible or some angry customers will rise up.

And guess what was the official response of Apple? It’s either “don’t hold it like that” or “use a case”, just awsmm.

And now let’s bring another problem on the table, and that is about screens. Here we can mention screens shipping with discoloration, yellowing in the bottom of right corner and of course fragility.

If you buy an Iphone 4, you better take good care of its screen because at the end of the day, it might be allready scratched or worse, if you drop it the glass back might shatter.

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