Telus offers the Motorola HK202 Bluetooth headset for only $19.99

Motorola HK202Telus has cut the price of Motorola HK202 Bluetooth handset with 50%, from $40 to only $19.99. This price is available until January 2, 2011.

The price is with $7 less than if you chose AT&T carrier to buy this accessory, after a $5 discount if you chose to buy it online.

Motorola MK202 Bluetooth handset mini presentation:

– simple voice prompts tell you how to connect to your phone, battery level, and when you’re on mute
– features the lightweight and stable TrueComfort design for the best fit and echo reduction technology to improve call clarity

Motorola MK202 Bluetooth handset users review:

User: Orion – “iPhone 4 + HK202 = Perfection!
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Pro: Small and confortable

I had an older Motorola H500 that I tried to use with my new iPhone 4. Even after the update, it sounded scratchy and people said I sounded like I was talking in a fish bowl. Once I purchased this HK202, it was a difference between night and day. Everything is crystal clear, no scratchy sounding callers, and I come thru clear as a bell. Love it. Lasts nearly 5 days between charges.”

User: canada3 – “Sweet color – best value
Rating: 5/5 Stars

I’ve tried a ton of Bluetooth in my day and this new Motorola is a very good headset for such little money. Extremly light. Has in-ear gel and earhook. The color is almost like a muted nickel. LOVE IT!

You can buy Motorola MK202 directly from Telus website.

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