HTC One Gold Edition USA – 24-karat and 2500$


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If you don’t know, this HTC is not the first Gold edition of One smartphone. This version comes after 5 versions of HTC One announced by HTC UK in October.

This version is the version for USA, and has 24-karat gold case. The price for this jewelry smartphone is 2500$, smallest compared with the price for version UK that was priced for about 4,400$.

The first person who came in direct contact with HTC One Gold USA is Christina Ascani, from mashable, which tell us “While handling this super-limited edition 24-carat gold HTC One, I couldn’t help but be struck by its color. Real gold has a yellow hue which makes it distinct and unique from other pure metals. Compared to the more champagne nature of my gold iPhone 5S, real gold definitely carries a lot more bling.”

Now, the most exclusivist smartphones of the year, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, have a gold coated case.

According to our source, two of HTC One Gold USA edition will be handed out following a competition made by HTC that runs through the New Year.


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