EMBRACE+ – a cool bracelet to see color notification from your smartphone

embrace-ios-androidThe EMBRACE+ project promises to provide users a great and useful accessory for your smartphone that can notify using colored light signals if you have an incoming call, text, social media app notification.

It looks like a cool plastic bracelet, with a light weight and cool aspect, perfect for using in crowded or noisy areas like nightclubs. Also, is perfect to use when you don`t want to disturb a conference or peoples around you (cinema, library or your office colleagues for example).


Of course, the EMBRACE+ bracelet has a special application for your iPhone or Android device, with which you can change the colors for each application individually. The greatest aspect of the application is that you can choose any shade of color you want and the bracelet is able to display it, because support all RGB colors. Also, you can customize a notification with one color or two different colors. You can set the number of blinks, the duration of each blink, the speed interval, the lighting brightness, and a short subtle vibration with the first blink.


You can set the EMBRACE+ to show you the below notifications:

  • Incoming Calls (for Specific Contacts or Groups)
  • Text Messages
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • Calendar Alerts (Birthdays, Reminders, etc.)
  • Alarm and Timer
  • Low phone battery
  • Phone out of range

Video presentation of EMBRACE+


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