How to find your lost or stolen phone

The reason why you landed on this page is quite simple, you lost your phone or you just wanna be cautious. Whatever it is, we all know that the chances to find or recover your phone are minimal, most likely zero.

Most people give up very easy on their searches and hopes and just get along with the idea that the phone is lost forever.

Well, you might wanna try this before give up. It’s called Anti-Theft Mobile, is an app launched by F-Secure and the purpose is to inform you where your lost device is.

This app is free and is compatible with phones that run Windows Mobile, Android or Symbian. You can download for free Anti-Theft Mobile direct on your phone and begin to install it.
So, how does it work? Well, the first step you have to do, is to lose your phone, then you will send an SMS to it from another handset. After that you will immediately receive an SMS with your phone location via Google Maps.

Anti-Theft Mobile allows you to remotely delete, all personal data, photos, messages, contacts and e-mails, so you can be save and protected from any risk.

If the SIM card was replaced, you will be informed about this change, and you can still call to your lost/stolen phone and delete personal data.

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