10 steps to make you’re phone battery last longer

We know that a good and efficient phone it’s usually consuming a lot of its battery. The producers are taking measures to stabilize this situation and are using higher capacity batteries for smartphones trying in the same time to keep a reasonable weight. Although you can’t keep you’re phone battery unloaded a week of frequent use, there are some things that can help you’re phone battery last longer. Now, I will share you some tips that you can do to optimize the energy consumption of you’re phone.

1. The first rule and one of the most important is how to recharge you’re phone. It’s indicated to keep you’re phone close while recharging, this way the battery will load faster and the phone will have a longer life.

2. A usual charger will charge the battery faster than a car one. However, if you stay a long time in the car, it’s usseful to have this kind of charger to be sure that you’re phone is permanently charged.

3. Even though we don’t give too much importance, the battery must be kept clean as well as the components inside the phone. Impurities can affect the battery contacts and decrease its performance.

4. You must avoid keeping you’re phone in extreme weather conditions, you can find the temperatures limits in the phone manual. May not seem so important, but even though during summer the temperatures can be only 30-35 degrees outside, the temperature in a car located in the sun can reach 50-60 degrees. So don’t forget you’re phone in the car.

5. To reduce consumption it’s usually recommended to not use the vibration and the buzzer at the same time, just one of them. It’s indicated to turn off the vibrations when are not useful because it consumes a lot.

6. Avoid to keep animated GIF in the background and just use a simple image. It wil save a lot of you’re phone battery.

7. Keep you’re bluetooth off when you don’t need it. Another solution is a wired handsfree.

8. Avoid to play games and watch movies when you’re battery is low because it will soon turn off, maybe when you need it the most.

9. If you have a phone with WiFi or GPRS/ EDGE/ 3G/ HSDPA connection, you better close those connections when you’re not using them because it consume a lot.

10. If the phone allows you to set the screen brightness, it’s indicated to keep it at the lowest possible level because it will help you’re battery last longer.

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