The new Firefox for Android is faster and brings over 200+ add-ons (video)

firefox-logoFirefox has just updated their version for Android devices. The new Firefox 4 beta brings a lot of new improvements on the browser’s speed and performance. Its makers says this version is the fastest and crushes the stock Android browser in every single speed test.

The Firefox 4 Beta for mobile has the same technology platform as the Firefox 4 for the desktop and includes features like Firefox Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Screen, to offer users a new mobile browsing experience. It also includes over 200 add-ons just like the desktop version.

This release brings improvements like increasing stability, reducing installation memory usage, improving readability with zooming, and fixes some keyboard issues. Firefox 4 beta is faster than stock Android browser, nearly three times faster on Kraken JavaScript benchmark tests and twice as fast on SunSpider JavaScript benchmark tests.

You can get the Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta from the Android Market and start testing it on your Google Android device.

[Via blog.mozilla]

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