Software update for Samsung Fascinate via Telus – Android 2.2 (installation steps)

Samsung Fascinate TelusAndroid 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Fascinate is now available on Canadian carrier Telus.

This new 2.2 update for Fascinate comes with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for a better web browsing experience and a faster performance (faster website loading and device navigation).

How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on Samsung Fascinate:

For the beginning you need to have the Samsung Kies, version or later, a data link cable, APCBU10BBE, and a PC with standard USB port.

To get the latest version of Samsung Kies, visit and download Kies to a folder on your PC desktop.

Installing Samsung Kies:

1) Verify that no previous version of Samsung Kies is installed on PC. If a previous version of Samsung Kies is installed, please remove before proceeding with Kies installation.
START> All Programs > Samsung > Kies > Uninstall Kies > wait for Kies program to be removed.

2) Open Samsung Kies folder on PC desktop and double click Kies icon to install program.

3) Once Samsung Kies program is installed, program will launch.

Upgrading Samsung Fascinate to Android 2.2:

1) Run Samsung Kies program.

2) Connect data cable to PC USB port.

3) Power on device and connect to data cable.

4) Wait for Samsung Kies to recognize the device.

5) Samsung Kies will display pop-up icon to alert that there is a software update available. Click pop-up icon to begin software upgrade process.

6) If the above software update notification icon does not display, click Firmware upgrade icon.

7) To backup your contact data, ensure that the “Back up you contacts before upgrading firmware” box is checked and click “Upgrade”.

8) Name phonebook file and click “Save”.

9) If Kies determines that a software upgrade is required/available, the following windows will be displayed. Click “Upgrade”.

10) Review caution screen and click “All information has been verified” and click “Next”.

11) To select option to save contacts to Kies server, check “Allow saving” box and click “Next”. To skip option to save contacts to Kies server, check “Proceed without saving” box and click “Next”. This is recommended in case the Firmware update is not successful, phonebook data will not be lost.

12) Software being downloaded from Kies server. Note this process can up to 60 minutes.

13) Once the software has been downloaded from Kies server, Android 2.2 upgrade will start.

14) After upgrade is complete, device will reboot. Click “Close” to exit Kies.

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