Software update for Motorola Cliq: Android 2.1. Check out the complete list of features

Motorola CLIQToday, Motorola announced the availability of Android 2.1 OS for Motorola Cliq smartphone. The Android 2.1 OS for Cliq requires a manually update and you can find all the information and steps for you need to follow here, the user guide about how to install the Android 2.1 for Motorola Cliq.


New features of Android 2.1 for Motorola Cliq

Enhanced Home Screen
– The phone supports up to 7 home screens

Widget Enhancements
– Happenings and Messaging widget content can be filtered with new customizable filters (e.g. contact group)
– Widgets can be resized on the home screen by touching and holding a widget until a vibration is felt, then dragging the corners to expand or shrink
– Calendar widget distinguishes personal and work appointments with color-coding

New Widgets
– Contact Quick Tasks allows you to easily access your favorite contacts by using a widget you customize for your home screen
– Date and Time displays the time (in digital or analog) and date on your home screen
– Device Toggle makes it easy to turn on/off frequently used functions on your phone (Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.)
– Sticky Note allows you to save a quick little note on the home screen

Messaging Enhancements
– Email multi-select is available in every email account
– The phone now supports having more than one Gmail account

Push Corporate Email and Corporate Directory
– Corporate email can be pushed immediately to you
– Global Address List to find co-workers’ email addresses

Google Enhancements
– New versions of the following are included: Gmail, Google Browser™, Google Calculator™, Google Calendar and Sync, Enhanced Google Search™ from Google Search Bar ™, and YouTube™
– New features include: Places™, Google Talk™, Google Talkback™, and Speech to Text

Google Maps™ Updates
– Google Maps now supports turn-by-turn navigation
– Auto-complete feature uses your personal search history on Google Maps to make it easy to map recently searched locations
– Synchronization allows starred items to be shared between Google Maps and

Connected Music Player
– The Connected Music Player application includes the following: Synchronized Lyrics in 45 languages, Music Videos, SongID, Automatic Album Art, Internet Radio Stations, Facebook & Twitter & SMS Status Updates, and ability to buy and download songs from Amazon MP3

Consolidated Media Gallery
– Motorola Media Gallery consolidates photos and videos into one gallery and includes new editing features

Task Manager
– New feature provides information about programs running on your phone, eliminating the need for 3rd party task manager apps

Other New Features
– This software upgrade also includes the following: improved Android Market layout, Performance/Task Manager, Contact Manager, Battery Manager, new Unlock Screen, Bluetooth printing, enhanced Alarm Clock with Timer, and improved RSS Feeds for Android Browser.

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