Software update for LG Optimus 2X rolling in Europe

lg-optimus-2xA new firmware upgrade has been released for LG Optimus 2X, due to numerous reports regarding a very frustrating problem. The aim of this new update for LG Optimus 2X is to fix random reboots.

The problem was that the phones started to often reboot themselves, and this problem caused an undesirable disruption in user experience. The LG company was announced about this little problem and they were asked if they knew anything of these issues but it seems they had no idea. However, they couldn’t deny the cries of many users at various message boards and sought an answer.

After a while they announced that they’ve found the issue and have applied a fix.

The patch that we’re issuing will address the random freezing or rebooting problem that we’ve identified when:

– the phone is being charged
– the power button is pressed to wake up the phone
– the phone is in stand-by mode

The update is currently rolling in Europe, so let’s hope this update will fix this issue for everyone.

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