Skyfire for iPhone hit App Store

Skyfire 2.0 iPhone iPadAfter the new version for Android, Skyfire releases now the 2.0 version for iPhone. This version of Skyfire is the first browser for iOS capable of playing flash video.

Skyfire released yesterday the 2.0 version for iPhone, and now is waiting the approval from Apple Store. This version of Skyfire is compatible with iPad.

We’re excited to submit a mobile browser for iPhone and iPod Touch that addresses Apple’s concerns regarding Flash deployment on mobile devices,” explains Jeff Glueck, CEO of Skyfire. “Rather than enabling Flash, Skyfire will translate videos into Apple standards. Skyfire supports HTML5 but at the same time, we recognize that the transition to HTML5 for 100 million Flash publishers will take years. We hope to bridge that gap and solve a problem for consumers who want access to millions of previously-unavailable videos on their iPhones.

If you are an AT&T customer, you will be favored because AT&T carrier offers a major enhancement to video data compression. Skyfire compresses video data by an average of 75%, reducing buffer time, enhancing battery life and easing the network congestion that has caused user complaints in major metropolitan areas.

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See in action the Skyfire 2.0 on iPhone 4 in the next video.

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