Rooted Nexus S prepared for some custom ROMs

Nexus SThe nexus S has already been rooted and is ready for some custom ROMs.

It seems the root process of Nexus S is quite simple, and guess what, seems it also has the ability to re-lock.

The ClockworkMod, which is a custom recovery image used on most rooted Android phones, has also been installed on the Nexus S. The custom recovery allows the rooted Nexus S to install the custom ROMs, which means that everytime a source code is released for Gingerbread, developers will work to create and bring more power to the Nexus S.

You may wonder what are the benefits or disadvantages of rooting Nexus S? Well the truth is, right now there are not to much things to do with the rooted Nexus S. You can remove the carrier’s bloatware that comes pre-installed with the phone and also some Google apps. Really not to much, but i know that in the future the “root” for Nexus S it will sure worth a lot more.

How to root Nexus S (guide):

– the first thing you have to do is to reboot into your bootloader/fastboot mode. (Volume + Power Up, or adb reboot bootloader)
– next you have to install the recovery
– boot into Clockwork recovery and install the Superuser zip file (adb reboot recovery, or from fastboot choose recovery)
– an optional step is to install a rooted/insecure boot image (adb has root)

[Via xda-developers]

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