Official photos with MeeGo user interface

Meego LogoIf you don’t know anything yet about MeeGo, this is a new and highly customizable operating system from Nokia, resulted from the collaboration between Nokia’s Maemo platform and Intel’s Moblin.

The first device with MeeGo OS is expected to appear in October 2010. Rumors says that these pictures with MeeGo UI came from the official user interface guidelines for the mobile operating system.

You can see in these photos how to unlock and enable the screen and the hardware buttons of your device just by dropping the lock button into the black circle.

The multitasking has two views in MeeGo, and just like in Maemo 5, the homescreen and the background are about the same but with some minor changes. Also, a Maemo 5 style grid is available, which is considered the best multitasking UI with contextual automatic sized grid of live windows.

For the App Launcher view you have a 3×4 grid and a launcher bar with a lot more customizations like font, icon size, sound and feedback graphics. Also the 4X5 grid is available for 3.5 inch screens and above.

For a lot more features check the photo gallery below.

New-MeeGo-UI-Screenshots-Emerge-2New MeeGo UI Screenshots EmergeNew MeeGo UI Screenshots Emerge





New MeeGo UI Screenshots EmergeNew MeeGo UI Screenshots Emerge