HTC Thunderbolt to receive Gingerbread update very soon

The finished version of the Gingerbread update for HTC Thunderbolt has just been announced through a tweet sent by HTC.

Both HTC and Verizon estimates that the update will arrive soon, and the users will be notified as soon as the Gingerbread is available for their devices.

VZW & HTC anticipate the update being available soon. You will be notified directly on your device when it is ready to d’load“. The earlier version of Gingerbread update for HTC Thunderbolt was released back in the late September, but it was an unfinished version and the users have started to experience different problems and issues once they installed the software. Some of these problems included errors in the email notifications, problems with the camera locking and the clock app, Google Talk and also HTC’s Sense UI. So, there were quite a lot issues that’s why the old Gingerbread update was removed.

Hopefully, this final version of Gingerbread for HTC Thunderbolt, will be the good one and you won’t have to experience any other problems, such as whole sets of new bugs to the phone.

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