Google released a new Android app that will make your live easier

Open Spot

A new Android application is available. It’s name is Open Spot and is made to help people find and share parking spots. It may sound a bit strange, so let me tell you how it works.

Open Spot pulls up a Google map near where you are and displays open parking spots within a 1.5km/0.9 mile radius of your current location. The parking spots are colored depending of how “new” they are, but after twenty minutes they disappear off the map.

When you live the parking spot, you mark it on your phone and this way you alert others around you that that spot is available.

I think this application is a very good idea, but it will work only if it gains widespread adoption, because if in your town or neighborhood you are the only one who use it , it will become worthless. So, if you like the idea, tweet this post, share it with your friends, convinge them to download it and make your live easier.

Open Spot requires Android 2.0 or higher and is currently only available in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands.

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