First software update for Sony Ericsson LiveView coming in January 2011

LiveView UpdateThe first update for SN LiveView comes next month. This update will fix the Bluetooth connectivity problem and “some minor things“.

For those of you who don’t know to much about LiveView, it is a remote control for your Android phone. You can read text messages, see incoming calls and keep up to date with the latest news on Facebook and Twitter. Also, with Sony Ericsson LiveView you can control the Sony Ericsson music player from the micro display, select tracks and control the volume.

As I’ve read some reviews of LiveView I’ve noticed that some users are reporting issues with e.g. the connection between the device and the phone. Especially when using phones from our competitors. This is very unfortunate and has been escalated to our developers. They have been working hard on identifying the issues and have solutions coming.

In some reviews I have also read comments about the LiveView device not being upgradable. I just want to confirm that that is not the case. There will be a software update coming for the device itself. The work is ongoing and the plan is to make this updated software available as an update through SE Update Service in January. Some minor things are also possible to solve within the LiveView Application in the phone and updates of that app will be issued on Android Market as for any app.

Below you can see the plugins available in Android Market for Sony Ericsson LiveView with short explanations.

– Moon Phase Pro: 3D interactive simulation of the moon.
– LiveView HTC Music plug-in: Music plug-in for HTC phones.
– OI Shopping List: Shop easily with your LiveView.
– FakeCall for LiveView: Trigger sounds and vibration on your Android phone.
– LiveView ContactCall plug-in: Lets you browse contacts and initiate a call.
– LiveView for Cycle Hire: Quickly access and safely access docking station statuses for London’s TfL Barclays Cycle Hire scheme.
– LiveView Weather plug-in: Show current weather forecast in your location.
– SportyPal: Motivational training tool that gives you a view of your work-out.
– Launcher plug-in: Display your application icons on the LiveView.
– Smart Training: GPS tracker tool, post your training record.
– Where am I LiveView plug-in: Shows a map of your current location.
– LiveView PowerAMP: Control any music player.
– Gmail for LiveView: Gmail notifications plug-in that also lets you read the first part of the e-mail.
– news alert: RSS notifier for
– Calendar plug-in: Gives you an overview of your calendar and you can scroll and dive into a daily agenda.
– Twitter icon plug-in: Shows your Twitter icon or a QR-code so that you can spread your Twitter-url.
– Mode plug-in: Profile manager that lets you switch between silent, vibrate etc.
– Psps Ikina: To be honest I’m not really sure what this does, I guess I’m outside the target group.

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