Android 2.3 for HTC Thunderbolt coming soon on Verizon Wireless

HTC Thunderbolt Android 2.3 Gingerbread UpdateGood news for all owners of HTC Thunderbolt smartphone from Verizon Wireless carrier, the Gingerbread update for your device “coming soon”.

The carrier has put the release notes for the new OS upgrade on its support forums, and some lucky users have already managed to download and have a look at it.


  • Improved data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Call History view.
  • Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
  • Improved Bluetooth® Discovery Mode pop-up window.
  • Improvements in overall battery consumption.
  • Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape mode.
  • NY Times website has been added into the browser bookmarks.
  • The following features now come preloaded:
  • My Verizon: Data Usage Widget, V CAST Music, V CAST Video

The OS upgrade for HTC Thunderbolt would include:

  • New download manager app
  • New app and power management details
  • New desktop UI, including widgets, icons and screens
  • New customizable dock icons.

Also, you can read the software update instructions (PDF) to upload your Thunderbolt device to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.


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