Samsung SUR-40 comes with Gorilla Glass and Microsoft Surface 2.0

Even if you do not even bring anyone remember that time in November last year when Samsung released the pre-orders for one of the first devices compatible with Microsoft Surface 2.0, now it’s the time to first delivery.

At a price of $8400 or $9049 entire panel assembly in the image, which includes the meals, talk about Samsung SUR40.

Certainly not the most affordable PC with touch screen or tablet cheapest, the best hardware configuration instead comes from the software combined with a fairly well developed by the folks at Microsoft. It is an LCD panel with diagonal FullHD 40″ multitouch display built over AMD system comes with with Windows 7 and Microsoft PixelSense. The latter is a technology developed by engineers at Microsoft to assign a more complex functionality of the hardware created to hands use.

Currently, such a device can be seen in the US National Retail Federation Conference. The good thing is that not even we face a crisis of applications, many developers are rushing to join the first wave of creators of applications compatible with Surface 2.0.