Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in 5 new colors (blue, purple, red, brown, and pink)


samsung-galaxy-s4-new-colorsToday Samsung announced via press conference the availability of Samsung Galaxy S4 in five new colors which will be available starting with this summer.

Until now, Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in two colors, white and black. The new colors will be blue, purple, red, brown, and pink.

This decision, to extend the range of colors available for Galaxy S4 will definitely be a boom in the number of sales for the Korean manufacturer.

Samsung sells other models of its smartphones in many colors now, but now is the first time when Samsung announce the same strategy for Galaxy S4.

I think this move of Samsung was made to be in front of Apple when the US company will chose to launch this option for their iPhone`s. Even so, for iPhone`s, this type of announcement will have a more radical effect, given that Apple does not sell any iPhone in so many colors, compared with Samsung, but it remain to be seen whether the US company finally decides to give users as many options.


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