Pebble – great SmartWatch story, great sales


smartwatch-pebblePebble is one of the best smart watches available on the market, being on sale early last year after a session brokered financing by a famous American website. In just one year Pebble sold over 400,000 copies, the company produces more than 60 million, nearly doubling its number of employees. In 2014 the company expects to double the revenues thanks to new Pebble Steel, and the results are quite interesting.

”When we started working on wearables six years ago, there were few players in the space and a lot of skeptics. It’s exciting to see this market grow so quickly — enabling more interesting use cases and keeping all of us laser-focused on creating the very best user experiences we can.”

If in 2013 the SmartWatch market was almost non-existent, evolution and recent Pebble SmartWatch sites launched by various manufacturers of Android terminals helped create a market in continuous expansion. Year 2014 brought a plethora of new devices and given the imminent launch of iWatch produced by Apple, it is clear that there are many billions of dollars that many companies would like to collect, but it remains to be seen who will bring the best devices market.

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