Nokia N9 officially released. 3.9 inches curved Gorilla glass on board

Nokia-N9-blue-frontNokia has released today the N9 smartphone, with a very cool unibody design, without hardware buttons, but with a great curved Gorilla glass, AMOLED display and 8 MP super wide camera capable to record HD videos.

Nokia N9 has three homescreen views arranged in a carousel, each screen with dedicated jobs. The first homescreen is for applications, the second for events from social networking feeds and notifications for calls, text messages, calendar events, etc., and the last screen is available for open applications for switching between all live apps you have used recently. You can pinch and zoom the screen to see either four or nine open app icons. “In fact, the Nokia N9 delivers the best multitasking experience on any phone!

Speaking about hardware specification, the N9 smartphone features a 3.9 inches display, with Gorilla glass and 480 x 854 pixels resolution, 1 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, 8 megapixels camera with autofocus and dual LED flash capable to record videos at 720p resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio. Nokia N9 will be available with 16 or 64 GB internal storage. Also, the N9 smartphone can support the microSD card up to 32 GB. The processor of Nokia N9 is ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 1 Ghz. For more informations, check out the complete list of N9 specs.

Nokia N9 support only microSIM, has SNS integration and NFC support, TV-Out via HDMI and a secondary microphone for active noise cancellation.

About applications, Nokia N9 comes with a document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF viewer, and other apps.

Nokia N9 comes with preinstalled Angry Birds Magic (NFC), Galaxy on Fire 2 and Real Golf 2011.

Nokia N9 also comes with the latest Nokia Maps version for free, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for walking and driving. There is also a dedicated Drive app for in-car navigation, which lets you start navigating to your destination instantly after entering your destination.

Nokia N9 measures 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm and has 135 grams weight. Nokia N9 will be available in three colors: black, magneta and cyan.

N9 runs on the Linux-based MeeGo operating system, developed by Nokia in colaboration with Intel. N9 runs on version 1.2 Harmattan of MeeGo OS.


Video introduction of Nokia N9 smartphone

Nokia N9 UI demo