Nokia E7 smartphone set to come next week

Nokia E7 smartphoneThe Symbian^3 Nokia will finally be presented next week, on 14 September, at the Nokia World event in London.

There are not to much details about Nokia E7’s features, but we sure know it has a 640 x 360 pixels display resolution, a QWERTY keyboard, MeeGo and runs Symbian^3.

At the Nokia world event that will take place in London, the E7 is not the only Nokia that it’s going to be put in the spotlight, the Nokia N8 will also be confirmed for shipping after 7 months since it was unveiled.

Nokia is trying to improve and create a new generation of smartphones that will compete with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, but we have to face it, it’s quite tough, and it’s very obvious why. Nokia smartphones doesn’t use touch technology and besides this, are unable to deliver phones in a  short time after the official unveiling.

But with all of these drawbacks, we still love Nokia phones. I have a Nokia, all of my friends has or had one, and even if  we know it doesn’t run Android or iOS, it’s just a Nokia and we love it.

[Via Electronista]