Find out the price of the first LTE phone, HTC ThunderBolt

HTC Thunderbolt VerizonThe release date of HTC ThunderBolt was initially set for February 24th, but due to a series of issues related to its terrible battery life and reception problems, the release was canceled, and it seems to be a problem with firmware that is causing the battery life problems.

The phone was pushed back a few days and the next release date and probably the good one was rescheduled to arrive on shelves 10 days from now, on March 10th. The main problem of this delay seems to be the fact that the device was unable to offer more than a few hours of usage/ standby time, with the battery going low in no time, which would be impossible for customers to use it in real life.

Leaving behind the delay, the good news are that we found out the price for HTC ThunderBolt from Verizon, which seems that it will have a $699 price without a contract, but it’s important to keep in mind this may change eventually. This price will make the HTC ThunderBolt to be one of the most expensive smartphones, which also explains its expected high price with a contract, rumoured to be $249.99.

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