Angry Birds Magic will bring NFC and GPS-location features

Seems like the guys from Rovio are never left without ideas. They have just revealed plans to implement a new “Magic” game-play element that will take Angry Birds local with location-based integration, and will enhance the game play for users when they visit real-world locations.

The concept of this new feature is based on the idea of moving around your city to unlock Angry Birds content. Since portability has definitely been a very important factor, making Angry Birds one of the most famous game in the world, the new system will be a future update to all versions of Angry Birds and will use NFC and location technology to allow a limited number of users to unlock some new content such as levels and items, just by tapping two NFC phones together or tap an NFC tag at a location. With this new feature the users will be able to compete with other players on a localized leaderboard for each venue.

Rovio wants to turn Magic into a broad platform that will be built into all of its products, spurring on more real world interactivity through NFC, GPS and other technologies. “We’re using this as a way to encourage people to go and find new places and new content,” Darahiba, product manager for Angry Birds Magic said. “It will be a distribution point for us.” The new Magic feature will allow users to unlock levels and features like the Mighty Eagle, which i’m sure you know that is the strongest Bird in the game, as well as new unknown content, once you move to a specific location. The new feature will sure make the Angry Birds game more entertaining and interactive game.

Stay tuned with MobileSmug cause in the coming weeks Rovio is preparing to release this new feature. So, check out the video below and let us know what do you thing about this new feature?


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