Yahoo! Messenger brings 3G video calls on Android and iPhone

Yahoo Messenger for Android and iPhoneGood news guys! A new Yahoo! Messenger app with video chat platform is getting ready for Android and iPhone.

David Katz, Yahoo’s VP of Mobile for the Americas region announced that the company will soon offer a new mobile version of Yahoo Messenger with built-in video calling capabilities.

This new Messenger was originally announced for T-Mobile myTouch smartphone earlier this week.

The free app, will be available for both iPhone and Android phones and will allow smartphone users to not only conduct video calls with each other, but with anyone that currently uses Yahoo Messenger for video calls on their PCs” Katz said.

Also, unlike iPhone’s FaceTime, this new mobile Messenger app can work both on Wi-Fi or on a carrier’s standard wireless network.

Another well known company for their video calling services is Skype. It has recently announced the Skype app for Android but not a word about a feature app for iPhone.

[Via Reuters]