New UI elements on Twitter free app for iPad (video)

Twitter app for iPadTwitter for iPad is now available for free on App Store and brings a brand new UI specially created for iPad with some new features and slide-out panes.

This app combines the Twitter side navigation for Mac with some unique elements for a better interface experience. Tapping on a Tweet offers you not only the possibility to find information about the user, but to see relevant content with that tweet, such as a photo, a video or maybe a website.

The Twitter for iPad app includes multi-touch gesture to offer you a better functionality. Now it’s more simple to go back to the previous page where you were before visiting a new page, you just have to swipe it to the side temporarily, or swipe it again to disappear from the screen.

The multi-touch gesture like pinch-zoom can be used to view details about an author and reply or retweet when with the two-finger pull you can see the replies and the entire conversation of a tweet.

Twitter for iPad is available for download on App Store. You can opt for a automatic or manual update, but i advise you to go on the manual download just to be sure you got the right edition.

Twitter app for iPad foto

[Via Electronista]