Mobile dictionary application for your Android device

Android Google Translate As you probably know Google offers a lot of online applications for computers but also for mobile phones.

Google Translate is one of these applications, designed to make your life easier and to help you everytime you need and everywere you are, because now is available on your Android device.

Although, i’m sure you’ve been using Google Translate more than once, maybe for curiosity or just because you need it, for those of you which don’t know what’s all about, it helps you to translate any word, phrase or website from one language to another.

Google Translate for Android is capable speak to it and hear back a spoken translation. The application also supports History, Starring and a rich dictionary for all you logophiles.

The application is free and available for download from Android Market or faster, you can scan the QR code below with “Barcode scanner” application from your phone. If you’re not very sure about the app, you can try the online version of Google Translate visting from your mobile phone.


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