Don’t miss any notification thanks to Android Notifier

Android NotiferLet’s be onest, when you’re sitting at your computer, sometimes you just completely forget about your phone. I do that, sometimes i grab the phone to see who’s looking for me, i get back to my computer and forget about everything.

Well, for those like me or in similar situations, the Android Notifier was born. This app is just PERFECT, but you may wonder why? Well it works on all operating systems and can deliver push notifications to your computer to alert you of incoming calls, battery warnings, media and text messages via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Both of them works perfectly fine, but the easy way it’s with the Bluetoth because the Wi-Fi option takes a few more steps and is more complicated than Bluetooth.

If you have a Macintosh you will need to install a software piece named Growl available on Google Code page.

So if you want the Android Notifier, snap the QR code below and get a free download for your Android phone and Macintosh computer. Windows and Linux users will need Android Notifier on their phone and Android-Notifier-Desktop on their computer.

Android Notifier QR code

[Via phandroid]

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