Microsoft reveals some new Windows Phone 7 applications

This week we just found out some of the Windows Phone 7 applications thanks to a tweet from a former Microsoft program manager. Even though, initially the Youtube and Yelp apps were not included in the box, now the rumors says that in the end both of these applications will be available. So check out this picture and found out […]

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ASUS brings the first Windows Phone 7

Yes, it’s true, who would have thought? There are so many questions about this new smartphone spotted in Pakistan. We don’t know to much about it, all the informations results from the picture. It features a front-facing camera or a light sensor (i can’t decide) and is partly covered with brushed metal. We don’t even know if is legit, but […]

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HTC prepare Sense for Windows Mobile 7

Even though Microsoft affirms that no modification can be done on Windows Phone 7 interface, HTC don’t give up and want to integrate some Sense in the platform. It appears that HTC could include some Sense features in the Windows Phone 7 devices but they’re not allowed to modify the existing ones. HTC wants to use the same solution on […]

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