How to enable HDR function on iPad tablet in 5 steps

If you are photographer, I am sure you know what’s means HDR term. The HDR function was implemented starting with iOS 5 on iPhone and on iPod, but for iPad tablets is not applied. In this article I will show you hot to enable the HDR function on your iPad tablet, but I will start now with a definition. The […]

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Apple is in talks with cable TV operators to launch a top box


U.S. company Apple, the most valuable technology company in the world, discuss with at least one cable operator in the U.S. about building a set top box that could “broadcast” and live TV and other content, write Bloomberg, citing an article published by the Wall Street Journal. Information was obtained from anonymous sources close to the discussions and was not […]

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iFrogz Boost – External loudspeaker for your iDevice

iFrogz Boost is an accessory that allows you to amplify sounds reproduced by an iDevice without using any wired or wireless connection. The external speaker iFrogz Boost uses a technology called Audio NearField which allows it to amplify the sounds reproduced by a simple iDevice when it approaches the accessory itself. In the video below we have a demonstration of […]

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