BlackBerry PlayBook available for employees from $99

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook can now be purchased by employees from $99.

Apparently RIM wants to increase the number of users,even if this means a significant loss. If we take into consideration that the cost of parts is near $200 without non-physical costs and RIM is now selling the 16GB PlayBook tablets for a fraction of the original selling price in retail, that is $99, it seems this is the case.

With a 7-inch LCD display, 1024×600 screen resolution, the BlackBerry PlayBook carries a 1GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM and BlackBerry Tablet OS with symmetric multiprocessing. It brings games,media, full Adobe Flash 10.1 enabled and full support for HTML 5.

For the time being, the tablet costs $199 in Canada and US while refurbished tablets can be purchased for $150. Moreover, the 32GB version costs $149 and the 64GB version costs $199. What is also new is that employees can now buy eight tablets.

Even though RIM hates to admit it, if we think of past discounts, it becomes pretty obvious that it is trying a clear out of the PlayBook tablets.


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