Unlimited web traffic on NTC operator with Opera Mini browser

Opera-software-logoOpera Software and the Russian mobile operator, New Telephone Company (NTC) are preparing for all customers a new service package named “Unlimited surfing with Opera Mini” for all 1.4 customers from NTC.

“Unlimited surfing with Opera Mini” allows NTC users to have unlimited access to webpages for 240 rubles per month (aprox. 6 EUR). For more information about this service visit the official website of NTC.

Low monthly fees plus the convenience of the Opera Mini browser make this service package popular among young and experienced mobile Internet users,” – said Tatiana Butskih, Sales and Marketing Director, NTC. “Our users no longer need to worry about data consumption and costs when they read the latest news, check urgent messages and chat on forums while on the go“.

NTC offers mobile services for 1.4 million subscribers from Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Ussuriysk, Artyom and other parts of the Primorie region.

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