Nokia Bubbles – a cool application for Symbian^3 devices (video demo)

nokia-bubblesA cool application for smartphones with Symbian^3 OS is now ready to download for free.

Nokia Bubbles is an efficient way to take a shortcut to timely or useful things on your phone. Bubbles appears when you press the “Apps” key while your devices is in sleep mode (instead of the black screen with clock and unlock button).

Nokia Bubbles is available for all Symbian^3 devices but Nokia C7 has some issues related to orientation switch with the current (phone) production software with bubbles, but Nokia Labs promises to solve these issues with a software update.

Currently there are bubbles available for the following actions:

Key bubble
New Message bubble
Missed Call bubble
Music Player bubble
Radio bubble
Profile bubble
Background bubble
Friends bubble
Flashlight bubble
Map bubble
Speedometer bubble
Battery bubble

This version of Nokia Bubbles is free and available for download from Nokia Beta Labs.