Firefox Beta 4 version is available for Android and Maemo

Firefox 4 beta 1 mobileAfter Firefox version 4 for PC, Mozilla Firefox released the first beta version of the new Firefox 4 for mobile phones named “Firefox 4 beta 1 for mobile“.

This beta brings the Layers pieces which improve overall performance and in graphics areas such as scrolling, zooming and animations. For more technical details,” said Mozilla mobile engineer Matt Brubeck.

This version comes with many of your favorite Firefox desktop features like Firefox Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Bar. More features of this first beta version are pinch-to-zoom, which is now supported on multitouch-capable devices, and the Awesome Screen, which instantly gives you access to your recent history, bookmarks and tabs just by tapping in the Awesome Bar.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 for mobile comes with HTML5 support, CSS and JavaScript.

If you want to test this version check the official download page of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo devices.

See below the video demonstration.