Check out the number of daily pageviews on Opera Mini

opera-mini-5-1Today, Opera Software unveiles users statistics on Opera Mini browser. According to Opera Software statistics, Opera Mini users viewed more than one billion pages on July 25, 2010.

The statistics highlights, another important characteristic, is the number of compressed pages by Opera Mini servers in one second, about 11.500 pageviews. If you didn’t know, Opera Mini compress the page before displaying it.

To reveal the increasing in the last year, in June 2008, Opera Mini registered only 100 million pageviews per day. This year, Opera Mini users viewed more than 910 million pages on average every day, an increase of more than 161% since June 2009.

Today, Opera Mini is the most popular mobile browser tand is available in more than 3000 cell phones models. All data is compressed before you see one page (90 percent for one page). This technology improves speed, resulting a faster page loading, and lower browsing costs and a low cost for mobile data transfer.

If you want to try the last version of Opera Mini, access directly from your phone’s browser.

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