Apple release iOS 5, packs over 200 new features

iOS 5 LogoApple has just revealed the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 5, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new iOS 5 comes with more than 200 new and interesting features.

One of the greatest new features of iOS 5 is the notification area, which replaces the so annoying pop-ups. Apple has also added a dedicated screen that you open by pulling from the top of the screen downwards. It contains all your notifications and if you click one of them it will take you to the app responsible for it, and by clicking on the X icon on the right removes the notification. The Notification center also brings stock updates and weather information.

Another feature is the Twitter integration, which covers Contacts, Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube and Maps. This new feature allows you to Tweet from all those apps and your contacts are automatically synced with their Twitter accounts. I’m quite disappointed on Apple because they chose the Twitter integration instead of Facebook, it’s really strange and makes you wonder if perhaps there’s some grudge going on between the two companies.


Apple has also released the iMessage service, which is basically an IM client built-in right into the Message app. It supports sending texts, photos, videos, contacts to both single users and groups over encrypted connection. Also, the reminders were unveiled and offers the possibility to collect all your to-dos together and allowing you to set-up reminders. This app is location aware so that it can remind you of events based on where you are.


An upgrade was also made on the camera department, with a dedicated camera shortcut landing on the lockscreen and some settings finally making their way to the UI. You can now add grid-lines to your viewfinder, lock exposure and focus by pressing on the screen and using the digital zoom by pinching in. Also, you can now use the volume key for taking photos.


The Safari browser was the app that received the most significant update, but mostly for the iPad version. The Reading list plug-in for both the iPad and the iOS devices allows you to save pages for reading later. A new great feature of the Safari, Safari Reader, allows you to see web articles without ads or clutter so that you won’t be distracted while you’re reading. It also supposedly merges multi-page articles in one big page for more convenient reading.


The iOS5 also brings the Newsstand app which gathers all the magazine and newspaper subscriptions in one place, making it easier for you to access them. The photos app brings image editing, allowing you to crop and edit images straight on your iOS device. Another key feature of the new iOS 5 is the Game center, and with this new version it will now enable posting of profile pictures, new friends recommendations based on the games you play and the players you already know.


The iOS 5 updates will be pushed to end users this Fall, over the air and they will arrive in smaller sizes thanks to the implemented Delta encoding. This means that the next iPhone – be it iPhone 5 or 4S will obviously make its appearance this fall, maybe in a late September. The iDevices eligible for the upgrade are the iPhone 3GS and 4, the iPad and iPad 2 and latest two generation of iPod touch – 3rd and 4th.