Panasonic will unveil the Lumix phone on October 5

LUMIX PhonePanasonic is extending its LUMIX brand to handsets creating the first Panasonic LUMIX Phone with 13.2 megapixels camera with digital zoom.

This “cameraphone” will be unveiled next week, on October 5 at CEATEC.

LUMIX Phone features a 3.3 inch VGA LCD, 13 megapixels with CMOS sensor, Wi-Fi with DLNA media streaming, Mobile VenusEngine image processing for HD images and a microSDHC slot. Also it has 116 × 52 × 17.7 mm and 146 g weight.

For the moment we don’t know anything about the OS, but there are only 4 days until we’ll find out everything about this new LUMIX smartphone.

[Via Engadget]