OG Motorola Droid receives Android 2.3.4 (GPA16 build)

motorola-droid-verizonToday we received some great news from Peter Alfonso, which has released the GPA16 build, which is not an official update from Motorola and Verizon as we would like to hear, but one that would replicate the “official” update from Motorola.

The new GPA16 will update your OG Motorola Droid to Android 2.3.4 and will bring a few features and improvements such as adding an Ad-hoc network, FLAC audio support, reboot option and 180 degree rotation and some cool Google applications including Market and Google Chat with video. It will also include bug fixes/code improvement, such as the data loss fix by CVPCS and a new kernel.

The creator, Peter Alfonso affirms that its GPA16 ROM will offer an extremely fast experience. So, if you want to download and install this new build, go to Peter Alfonso’s website and there you will also find some notes and instructions regarding this update! From what we’ve heard from several owners of OG Motorola Droid, the Android 2.3.4 (GPA16 build) seems to work flawlessly and everybody seems happy!

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