Nokia reveals the C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06 trio of phones

nokia-logoThe Finish giant Nokia has just announced a new trio of feature phones, the C2 trio from the Nokia Series 40 which includes the C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06 phones.

The new C2 trio of phones comes with some brand new features, features that were previously reserved only for the segment of the premium phones, and now they’re available at a lower price tag. Nokia wants to make a great impression with these new phones and to create a big splash in the phone market. One of the major improvements in Nokia Series 40 are the brand new version of Nokia Maps that comes preloaded in the Nokia C2-03, and allows users to search for locations also while they’re offline, saving them possible data charges from their operator. Another improved feature is the Nokia Browser for Series 40, which compresses the data and provides a faster and more cost-efficient web browsing experience.

The C2 star of this trio is the C2-03 dual-SIM phone with Touch and Type, which also brings the Easy Swap feature and the dual-SIM functionality to a whole new level, because it allows you to change SIM cards through a slot on the side of the phone without the need of a reboot. Also, the phone can remember the settings of up to five different SIM cards. The C2-03 features a touchscreen with 240×320 pixels resolution, that supports up to 65K colors, a sliding numeric keyboard, a 2 megapixels camera and 10MB of built in memory, which can be expanded to 32GB via microSD cards.


Other features include a radio and a music player on board, and you should know that the standby time of the phone is quoted at 400 hours, while the talk time is 5 hours. For more informations, check out the complete list of C2-03 specs.

The price of this C2-03 low price phone that offers premium phone services is €77 before any taxes and subsidies.

Now speaking about the C2-06 phone. It has the same set of functions like the previous device, including the dual-SIM functionality but here you can chose from a large range of bright colors. For more informations, check out the complete list of C2-06 specs.

About the same thing with the Nokia C2-02, it is the twin brother of the C2-03 with a little difference, the C2-02 doesn’t have dual-SIM functionality. So, the phone looks exactly the same but there’s no dual-SIM, so it supports only one SIM card. For more informations, check out the complete list of C2-02 specs.